I'm dating my dad

It might sound like a taboo topic, but it's not uncommon for people to develop a romantic attraction towards their own parent. It's called genetic sexual attraction, and it can happen when biological relatives meet for the first time as adults. However, in some cases, it can also happen between a biological parent and their own child, which is often referred to as incest. This article will explore the topic of "I'm dating my dad" and shed light on the psychological, social, and legal implications of such a relationship.

What is Incest?

Incest is defined as sexual activity between two people who are closely related by blood or marriage. It is considered taboo in most cultures, and in some countries, it is even illegal. Incest can have serious consequences, both for the individuals involved and for their families. It can lead to physical and emotional trauma, genetic defects in offspring, and social isolation.

Types of Incest

There are several types of incest, each with its own set of circumstances and implications.

Father-Daughter Incest

Father-daughter incest is one of the most common forms of incest. It occurs when a biological father engages in sexual activity with his own daughter. This type of incest often goes unreported because of the shame and guilt associated with it.

Mother-Son Incest

Mother-son incest is another form of incest that occurs when a biological mother engages in sexual activity with her own son. This type of incest is less common than father-daughter incest but can have equally devastating consequences.

Sibling Incest

Sibling incest occurs when two siblings engage in sexual activity with each other. This type of incest can happen between brothers and sisters, half-siblings, or step-siblings.

Why Does Incest Happen?

Incest is a complex issue that can have many underlying causes. Some of the most common reasons why incest happens include:

Genetic Sexual Attraction

Genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is a phenomenon where close biological relatives experience a strong sexual attraction towards each other after meeting for the first time as adults. This can happen when relatives are separated at birth or during childhood and reunite later in life.

Emotional Dependency

In some cases, incest can occur due to emotional dependency between family members. This can happen when a child feels neglected or abandoned by their parents, and they seek comfort and love from them in inappropriate ways.

Mental Illness

Mental illness can also play a role in incest. People with conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder may engage in incestuous behavior due to their altered mental state.

The Psychological Implications of Incest

Incest can have significant psychological consequences for both the individuals involved and their families. Some of the most common psychological implications of incest include:


Incest can be traumatic for both the victim and the perpetrator. Victims may experience feelings of shame, guilt, and self-blame, while perpetrators may experience guilt and self-loathing.


Incest can also lead to depression in both the victim and perpetrator. Victims may feel hopeless and helpless, while perpetrators may feel overwhelmed by their actions.


Incest can cause significant anxiety for both parties involved. Victims may experience panic attacks, while perpetrators may worry about being caught or facing legal repercussions.

The Social Implications of Incest

In addition to psychological consequences, incest can also have significant social implications. Some of the most common social implications of incest include:


Incest can lead to social isolation for both the victim and perpetrator. Family members may distance themselves from the perpetrator, while the victim may feel ashamed and avoid social situations.


Incest is stigmatized in most cultures, which can lead to discrimination and social exclusion for those involved.

Legal Consequences

Incest is illegal in many countries, which means that those involved may face legal consequences such as imprisonment or fines.

The Legal Implications of Incest

In many countries, incest is illegal and carries severe legal consequences. Some of the most common legal implications of incest include:

Criminal Charges

Incest is considered a criminal offense in many countries, and those involved may face criminal charges such as imprisonment or fines.

Child Custody

In cases where children are born from an incestuous relationship, child custody can become a significant issue. Courts may remove children from their parents' care if they believe that they are at risk of harm.

Family Law Issues

Incest can also lead to family law issues such as divorce, separation, and property disputes.

I'm Dating My Dad

Incest is a taboo subject that can have significant psychological, social, and legal consequences. While genetic sexual attraction may explain some cases of incest, it is important to recognize that this behavior is still considered harmful and illegal in most countries. If you or someone you know is struggling with issues related to incest or genetic sexual attraction, it's essential to seek professional help and support.