Vivid News

  • Bond Rebuilder Services

    Vitalshot® Bond Rebuilder
    is an innovative, one-step keratin treatment that rebuilds and repairs the
    bonds of the hair to deliver stronger, healthier hair. This in-salon service is
    a one-step process that can be used alone or in any color service to strengthen
    damaged hair…

  • Secrets for healthy hair

    Healthy hair begins at home. When you follow these few easy steps you will be rewarded with beautiful, manageable, and healthy hair. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Let dry shampoo become your new best friend. Washing your hair everyday can…

  • Be Spring Break Ready

    We can’t wait for nice weather season to arrive. This spring break, avoid heading out without getting your hair ready for the sun, swim, and lighter hair coloring. Here are a few tips from our stylists.

    If you are going lighter…

  • New Faces at Vivid

    Salon Vivid is proud to introduce some new faces to our team.  For almost 17 years now we have hired eager students who were willing to put in the hard work of assisting stylists to further their training.  We are…

  • Boing Curl System

    Unite’s Boing Curl System is formulated to be used on all curl types. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or coily the Boing System will hydrate and restore elasticity and shine leaving your curls healthy, hydrated, and frizz free.

  • Ehxperience

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  • At Some Point

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