Drew barrymore is dating

Drew Barrymore: An Iconic Actress

Drew Barrymore is an iconic actress who has been in the entertainment industry for over four decades. She began her career as a child actress, and since then, she has starred in numerous movies and television shows. Her talent and charming personality have made her a fan favorite.

Barrymore's Personal Life

Apart from her career, Drew Barrymore is also known for her colorful personal life. She has been in several high-profile relationships throughout her life, and her fans are always interested in knowing who she is dating.

Who is Drew Barrymore Dating?

Currently, Drew Barrymore is dating David Hutchinson. He is a Senior Vice President at Maesa, which is a company that produces and distributes beauty products. The couple met when Hutchinson worked as the executive producer on the Santa Clarita Diet, a television show that Barrymore starred in.

The couple has been dating for a few years now, and they have been spotted together at various events. They keep their relationship private and are rarely seen together in public.

Previous Relationships

Before dating David Hutchinson, Drew Barrymore was in several high-profile relationships. She was married to Jeremy Thomas for less than two months in 1994. After that, she was engaged to actor Jamie Walters, but they broke up in 1995.

In 2001, Drew Barrymore started dating Fabrizio Moretti, who is the drummer for the band The Strokes. They dated for five years before breaking up in 2006. After that, she had a brief relationship with actor Justin Long.

Barrymore's Views on Relationships

Drew Barrymore has always been open about her views on relationships. She believes that a successful relationship requires effort and work from both parties. In an interview with People magazine, she said, "You have to work at everything. And I mean everything. Your marriage, your career, your friendships, your health."

She also believes that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. In an interview with InStyle magazine, she said, "I think communication is really important. You have to be able to talk about things and work through the tough times."

The Future of Drew Barrymore's Relationship

Drew Barrymore and David Hutchinson have been dating for a few years now, and their relationship seems to be going strong. While they keep their relationship private, they have been spotted together at various events, indicating that they are still together.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Drew Barrymore's relationship with David Hutchinson. But one thing is for sure: her fans will continue to support her, both in her career and in her personal life.