Secrets for healthy hair

Healthy hair begins at home. When you follow these few easy steps you will be rewarded with beautiful, manageable, and healthy hair. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Let dry shampoo become your new best friend. Washing your hair everyday can take away natural oils that keep your hair soft and healthy.

  • Choose a good shampoo and conditioner. Use products that have proteins and moisturizing ingredients. Skip the products with sulfates, silicons and alcohol. They will also strip your hair of its natural oils drying out your hair.
  • Use a thermal protecting spray like Unite’s 7Seconds Detangler. It will seal the cuticle and protect your hair from heat and UV damage.
  • Deep condition at least once a week. Choose a deep conditioner that suits your needs. After you shampoo, towel dry your hair and apply the deep conditioner focusing on your mid-shafts and ends. Let sit for 10 minutes to an hour then rinse and style.
  • When your hair is needing a little extra attention you can schedule an appointment for a salon treatment. We will custom pick the correct moisturizing treatment for your hair’s needs. From deep conditioners to Keratin Vital Shots we can bring your hair back to life.